This is a rough schedule of topics for each day and the release and due dates for each homework assignment. Homework assignments (especially later ones) often have a slightly longer time between release and due date than the daily class activities, which are typically assigned on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday and due the by the following class day.

Class topics and homework information may change over the course of the term. Please treat this schedule as a rough guide for seeing what we’ll be focusing on, and expect that there will be shifts as the term progresses.

Date Homework Due Lab Activity Homework Out
Week 1   Intro to Java  
M 1/4   Comparing Python and Java  
W 1/6   Guessing Game HW1: Object Oriented Practice
F 1/8   HW1 Work day  
Week 2   Inheritance, List, Map and Set ADTs  
M 1/11 HW1 Inheritance HW2: Country Analyses
W 1/13   Lists and Interfaces  
F 1/15   Maps and Sets  
Week 3   Efficiency and List implementations  
M 1/18 HW2 Asymptotic Analysis  
W 1/20   Linked Lists HW3: Country displayer redux
F 1/22   ArrayLists  
Week 4   Stacks and Queues  
M 1/25   ArrayLists  
W 1/27 HW3 Stack implementation HW4: Solving Mazes
F 1/29   Queue implementations  
Week 5   Graphs  
M 2/1   Graph implementations  
W 2/3 HW4 Breadth first search HW5: WikiPaths
F 2/5   Complexity of DFS and BFS  
Week 6   Recursion and Sorting  
M 2/8   Mid-term Break!  
W 2/10   Recursion review and practice  
F 2/12 HW5 Quicksort HW6: Sorting comparisons
Week 7   Trees  
M 2/15   Trees and binary trees  
W 2/17   Binary search trees  
F 2/19 HW6 Balanced binary search trees HW7: WordCloud
Week 8   Heaps  
M 2/22   Heap implementation  
W 2/24   Catch up/Review  
F 2/26 HW7 Heapsort HW8: Flashcard Displayer
Week 9   Hashing for Set and Map Implementations  
M 3/1   Hashing  
W 3/3   Collision Resolution  
F 3/5 HW8 Intro to final project Final project
Week 10   Wrapping up  
M 3/8   Final project discussions  
W 3/10 (Optional) Corrections Wrap up; review; course evaluations  
Exam Period      
    Final project due Monday, 3/15, 5pm. Any request for an extension must go through the Dean of Students office as I am not otherwise permitted to consider work submitted after this time.