This is a rough schedule of topics for each day and the release and due dates for each assignment.

Class topics and homework information may change over the course of the term. Please treat this schedule as a rough guide for seeing what we’ll be focusing on, and expect that there will be shifts as the term progresses.

Date Assignment Due Class Topic Assignment Out
Week 1      
M 1/4   What is alive?  
W 1/6   Java to C++  
F 1/8   Evolution as an algorithm  
Week 2      
M 1/11   Interesting open problems  
W 1/13   Project Intro  
F 1/15   TBD  
Week 3      
M 1/18   Kin selection example Proposal outline
W 1/20   Work day  
F 1/22   Mutualism example  
Week 4      
M 1/25 Proposal outline Proposal discussions Project Proposal
W 1/27   Quorum Sensing example  
F 1/29   Reading Empirical basics lab  
Week 5      
M 2/1 Proposal Draft Reading Empirical DataFiles lab  
W 2/3   Proposal peer review  
F 2/5 Project Proposal Work day  
Week 6      
M 2/8   Mid-term Break!  
W 2/10 Progress Report 1 Empirical configManager Lab  
F 2/12   Git version control  
Week 7      
M 2/15   Using the computing cluster  
W 2/17 Part 1 of Project, Progress Report 2 Work day  
F 2/19   Basic non-parametric stats  
Week 8      
M 2/22   Work day  
W 2/24 Progress Report 3 Scientific papers  
F 2/26   Work day  
Week 9      
M 3/1   Presentations intro  
W 3/3 Progress Report 4 Work day  
F 3/5   Paper peer review  
Week 10      
M 3/8   Final project discussion  
W 3/10 Paper Draft due Wrap up; course evaluations  
Exam Period      
Sat 3/13 3:30-6pm Final presentations    
    Final project due Monday, 3/15, 5pm. Any request for an extension must go through the Dean of Students office as I am not otherwise permitted to consider work submitted after this time.