To get your final project set up with Git, which will be useful in the future.


You won’t actually be handing anything in for this assignment.

Setting up Git via Repl.it

(Note for those of you not using Repl.it for your final project, you’ll need to fork the repository you are starting with instead of this)

Open your Repl.it project and click the Version Control button: Sideways Y-shaped icon

Click “Create a Git Repo”. Then click “Connect to Github” and follow the prompt.

Verify that your repo is showing on GitHub now.

Feel free to use Repl.it’s GUI for Git interaction as you develop your code. Eventually if you need to run your code for longer than Repl.it allows, you will use this Git repo to get your code onto the computing cluster to run for longer.

Continue working on your project

The rest of today’s class time is for you to keep working on the code for your final project. Remember that you need to have a basic and functional simulation finished by Wednesday of next week. Please talk to me if you are unsure of how to simplify your project to make that feasible!