This past fall we had several posters of research from my lab and the ECODE lab that used Symbulation. It’s always awesome to see my undergraduate researchers explaining their projects to friends and family. In addition, the ECODE lab poster was selected as one of 12 to be displayed during a trustee event!

Evolution of Endosymbiosis

A picture of a research poster with a student standing by it.

The first project is focused on the evolution of endosymbiosis. Piper Welch is in the photo above and did this work with Kiara Johnson.

Evolution of Beneficial Lysogeny

A picture of a research poster with two students standing by it.

The next project is focused on the evolution of beneficial lysogeny. Alison Cameron and Seth Dorchen worked on this project together.

Evolution of Mutualism with Multi-Infection

A picture of a research poster.

The final project is from the ECODE Lab and uses Symbulation. It is focused on how the evolution of mutualism changes when multiple endosymbionts can infect the same host. This poster was selected to be one of 12 displayed during a recent dedication ceremony for the new science complex.

All of these projects have papers on the way, so stay tuned!