The purpose of this scavenger hunt activity is to give you some additional practice working with Unix commands and a bit with the vi/vim editor and to help make you more comfortable working with a Unix command line.


You should complete this lab on your own computer. If you don’t have your own computer handy, you can complete most of it on the lab machines (you won’t be able to do the installation things, but you also shouldn’t need to).

You can and should consult with your neighbors if you get stuck at any point in this activity!

First though

If you didn’t finish the Laptop Setup portion of the Getting Started lab, you need to do that first.

Unix Scavenger Hunt

This activity uses a Git repository. We’ll discuss what those are and what is going on with them next week, but in the mean time, open a Terminal and type:

git clone https://github.com/acdalal/scavenger-hunt.git
cd scavenger-hunt

Then take a look at the file README.md either in the folder you’ve created or here and follow the steps there (you shouldn’t need to install git though).


If you finish the scavenger hunt before the end of class (congrats!), you should either keep working on refreshing on Python (possibly by solving the lab activities linked from the Getting Started Lab) or start on the preparation for Monday.