These are links that I think are useful for myself and possibly others.


Allowing changes to a pull request by the maintainer of the original repo

The Good Research Code Handbook - Python focused, but useful info (h/t Emily Dolson)

UNIX Tutorial - customized for Carleton’s setup, but generally useful

Anonymous GitHub - tool to anonymize GitHub repos for double-blind review purposes


Collection of links useful for faculty - includes negotiation/job-search materials, grant proposals, structuring papers, teaching, and more, some links I pulled out and include in other sections

Example CS CAREER proposal with thoughts on structure

Early Career Reviewer Database

Grading for Growth Substack - if you’re curious about alternative approaches to grading that emphasize feedback and student growth, this is a great resource


Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein

Data Feminism by Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren Klein

Writing Science by Joshue Schimel

Rescuing Socrates by Roosevelt Montas

Paper Lists

These are my ReadCube lists for various projects that I am mostly sharing here to point my students and collaborators at, but perhaps they will be useful for others as well. Apologies in advance for the PDFs that didn’t get their metadata automatically parsed correctly, if you are particularly interested in a topic, let me know and I can try to go and fix those.

(Lysis/Lysogeny)[] (Endosymbiosis)[] (Symbiosis in Digital Evolution)[]

Minecraft Guides

I have a couple of projects getting evolutionary dynamics into Minecraft and so need to save the best guides to modding Minecraft:


Using asdf package manager