This is a rough schedule of topics for each day and the release and due dates for each assignment.

Class topics and homework information may change over the course of the term. Please treat this schedule as a rough guide for seeing what we’ll be focusing on, and expect that there will be shifts as the term progresses.

Date Assignment/Reading Due Class Topic Assignment Out  
Week 1        
M 9/12 What is AL Prep What is (artificial) life?    
W 9/14 C++ Prep Java to C++    
F 9/16 Evolutionary Algorithms Evolutionary Algorithm Lab    
Week 2        
M 9/19   Finishing EA Lab    
W 9/21 Cellular Automata Prep Finding Neighbors CA project  
F 9/23 CA 2 Prep Gradient Lab    
Week 3        
M 9/26 None Peer review of CA projects    
W 9/28 Ecosystem Models Prep, CA project Empirical World Intro AE project  
F 9/30 Artificial Ecologies Continuing Empirical Intro Lab    
Week 4        
M 10/3   Peer review of AE projects Encyclopedia assignment  
W 10/5   Inheritance in C++; worktime    
F 10/7 AE project; Digital Evolution Prep Signal-GP Lite Lab DE project  
Week 5        
M 10/10 Configuration Preparation Using Empirical Configuration    
W 10/12 Encyclopedia topic Catch up/Work time    
F 10/14 None DE Project help time    
Week 6        
M 10/17   Mid-term Break!    
W 10/19 DE project Peer review of DE projects    
F 10/21 Encyclopedia first drafts; group preference form Project introduction; Peer review of encyclopedia drafts Project proposal  
Week 7        
M 10/24 Project topic checkin; Git Prep GitHub    
W 10/26   Guest Speaker: Dr. Alexander Lalejini    
F 10/28 Project proposal Proposal peer review Final project  
Week 8        
M 10/31 Data Collection Prep Empirical Data Lab    
W 11/2 Encyclopedia second drafts Graphing Data    
F 11/4   Guest Speaker: Dr. Lisa B. Soros    
Week 9        
M 11/7   Guest Speaker: Dr. Emily Dolson    
W 11/9 Replication reports Sharing reports    
F 11/11   Guest Speaker: Dr. Acacia Ackles    
Week 10        
M 11/14 Guest Speaker: Matthew Andres Moreno      
W 11/16   Final project; Wrap up; course evaluations    
Exam Period        
  Nothing scheduled, projects due 11/21 3pm      
    All revisions due at 9:30pm 11/21. Any request for an extension must go through the Dean of Students office as I am not otherwise permitted to consider work submitted after this time.