You have learned so much over the term and so you can demonstrate that gain in knowledge by correcting one of your previous homework assignments and getting the lost points back.


You will be allowed to correct one of your previous homework assignments. You will need to submit the corrected code along with the Corrections.txt report (see below for more info) by Friday Nov 19th at 10pm. There isn’t allowed to be additional assignments during Reading Days or exam days, hence the deadline of the final day of class, though the normal extension policy applies.

You will be able to gain back all of the lost points on the single assignment. You may not correct more that one assignment however, so choose wisely.

Even if the assignment was a partner assignment, you should complete the corrections individually. You are allowed to get conceptual and debugging help from anyone, as specified in the Collaborations policy. However, you should specifically complete the Corrections.txt individually, i.e. you should write it without outside help other than discussing with me or your prefect.


You must include a text document labeled Corrections.txt in your zip folder that you upload to Moodle. In that document, you must detail:

  1. What you originally lost points on specifically (the specific rubric items and reason for lost points)
  2. How you corrected those problems specifically

You may not state ‘everything’ or anything along those lines. You must be detailed; part of the goal of this is to reflect on what went wrong with the assignment and how you have fixed it.

You should also detail anyone that you got help on the corrections from in this file.

If your code doesn’t run or you do not include this document and sufficient details, I will not regrade your assignment.


You should submit the zip of your code and the Corrections.txt document to the Corrections Moodle item. However, I will then go and update your score on the associated assignment, so you won’t see a score on the Corrections Moodle item, just an updated score on your original assignment.

Some of you will end up in the situation where you already have an A in the course before I factor in the corrected assignment. If that is the case, given the limited time I have for grading, I will not bother regrading the submitted assignment, though I applaud you for doing the corrections anyway.