Quiz Structure

As discussed in the syllabus, the quizzes in this class are meant to assess your proficiency on a specific set of learning objectives. Each quiz will have a posted set of learning objectives that you can demonstrate proficiency/mastery in for that quiz, and each learning objective will appear on at least 2 quizzes.

Quiz Learning Objectives

The learning objectives that will ultimately all be assessed via quizzes are:

  1. Using variables
  2. Using definite loops
  3. Using indefinite loops
  4. Using nested loops
  5. Using conditional statements
  6. Using lists
  7. Using functions
  8. Using returns values
  9. Using function parameters
  10. Using list parameters with functions
  11. Using objects
  12. Using classes
  13. Using instance variables
  14. Using instance methods
  15. Using recursion
  16. Debugging syntax errors
  17. Predicting the behavior of a program
  18. Explaining function execution
  19. Explaining function scope limits
  20. Explaining the difference between objects and classes
  21. Explaining how objects are stored in memory
  22. Explaining selection sort
  23. Explaining insertion sort
  24. Explaining merge sort
  25. Explaining linear search
  26. Explaining binary search
  27. Explaining algorithmic efficiency at a high-level
  28. Demonstrating the worst case efficiency of the core sort and search algorithms
  29. Explaining the general idea of core efficiency classes

You can see how you are doing on each of these on Moodle under the “Grades” tab.